The Best 10 Minute Workout

You'll Ever Have!


Too busy to exercise? I say that's BullllllS***! This 10 minute workout is about to blow all your excuses to exercise away.

If you think you can’t get in shape by working out only 10 minutes a day, think again. If you kick ass with this 10 minute workout, you’ll get in shape. The only way you wouldn’t is if you weren’t trying.

I won’t lie to you, if you want the results from working out just 10 minutes, you gotta be willing to endure some pain.

The pain that come from the highest of intensity. Yeah, it’s gonna hurt, but the rewards will be worth it. Not only will the endorphin release make you feel great, but so will looking at your transformed body in the mirror.

So, decide right now to give it 100% effort, 100% determination, 100% of your mental toughness and 100% of your willingness to bring your body to edge.

Think you can do that? If so, then let’s get to it!

The 10 Minute Workout Routine


A 10 minute workout for men and women will:

1. Increase cardiovascular strength

2. Build muscle(moderate)

3. Burn fat

Oh yes, I almost forgot, it's gonna hurt. But trust me, it’s a good hurt.

Besides getting in great shape, you'll be mentally stronger and more gain serious amounts of confidence. This is especially true when you graduate to the 20 minute workout and 30 minute workout routine.

10 Minute Workout Details:

*Always begin every workout by warming up and stretching.

1. Squat or lunges - (Bodypart worked: Legs)
2. Side Lateral - (Bodypart worked: Shoulders)
3. Pushup - (Bodypart worked: Chest)
4. Calf Raise - (Bodypart worked: Calves)
5. Chinups - (Bodypart worked: Back)
6. Incline Situps - (Bodypart worked: Abs)
7. Barbell or Dumbbell Curls - (Bodypart worked: Biceps)
8. Hyperextensions - (Bodypart worked: Lower Back/Glutes)
9. Tricep Pushdowns - (Bodypart worked: Triceps)
10. Reverse Wrist Curls - (Bodypart worked: Forearms)

Exercise Execution:

*For complete exercise descriptions, including pictures and commentary click here: Workout Exercises


Intensity Level: Repeat the circuit 1X. No rest between exercises.

Training Days:

  • Two days on. One day off. Repeat.
  • One day on. One day off. Repeat.

    *Bodyweight exercises, such as, pushups, chinups and incline situps are done to failure. Exercises requiring weights: use weight that you can do 12-16 reps with.

    Final Thoughts

    10 minute workouts are definitely not for sissies. Whoever said ”no pain, no gain” was absolutely right when it comes to working out, especially if you want to exercise for shorter and shorter time periods. You need higher and higher intensity levels, and the fact is that intensity hurts. It hurts, but it works, that’s the tradeoff.

    If you're going to use this workout and you want those fast results, you're gonna have to through some pain to get them. You can’t slack your way through and expect to get great results. Do a half ass workout, and get half ass results. That’s just the way it is.

    But, you know there is an alternative. If you aren’t willing to push yourself hard, and unwilling to go through that much pain, you can always do the 30 minute workout routine, it doesn’t hurt as bad. Still hurts, but just not quite as bad.

    Like this type of workout, but lack the motivation? Then a complete fitness package is what you need. I recommend getting the P90X Extreme Home Fitness Workout Program - 13 DVDs, Nutrition Guide, Exercise Planner. Get it. It's the best fitness DVD package for a reason. It works.

    One thing I know for certain, if you really work hard at this 10 minute workout routine, you will get leaner, you will get more muscle definition and you will get stronger.

    The bottom line is you will get in fantastic shape, but you have to pay the price. Are you willing to pay the price? Then do it, and kick ass with this 10 minute workout routine.

    “Pain is weakness leaving the body."

    *If you have any questions about this workout, or just want to tell me how the workout worked for you, please feel free to contact me and I'll be glad to answer your questions.


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