The Military Body Fat Calculator:

An Easy, Accurate and Convenient Way To Calculate Your Body Fat %

The Military Body Fat Calculator truly is one of the easiest, convenient and most accurate ways to measure your body fat %. Its accuracy is rated within 1-3% for most people. If you consider that measuring body fat is simply a means to determine your exercise and fitness progress, do you really need much more? I don’t think so.

What’s A Normal Body Fat Percentage?

There are a few ways to determine your ideal body fat percentage.

1. You can simply look in the mirror and ask yourself if you’re carrying too much body fat and you want to lose body fat.

2. You can look up your ideal body fat percentage in a standardized chart and use that as your guide.


After figuring out where you want to be in terms of body fat percentage, next you’ll need to figure out where your body fat percentage currently is. There are a number of ways of determining your current body fat percentage.

The following are the most common and most easily accessible and offer up acceptable accuracy:
1. The Military Body Fat Calculator: A body fat calculation developed by Hodgdon and Beckett at the Naval Health Research Center in 1984 for military personnel. Very effective and very accurate, requiring only 2 or three measurements with a tape measure and a standard bathroom scale.

2. Skin Fold Calipers: Calipers are used to measure skinfold thicknesses at various body locations (3-7 test sites are common). Afterwards, the measurements are plugged into a formula to derive a body fat percentage based on those measurements. Here's a good YouTube video on how to use skin fold or body fat calipers: Body Fat Caliper Demo

3. Body Fat Scale: Digital scales measure body fat through a process called BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis). BIA is essentially a measurement of the time it takes a small electric current to travel through your body, using your feet as positive and negative electrodes. Fat, bone, muscle and other tissues each have differing levels of resistance(impedance) to electrical current, and so different body fat levels can be accurately determined.


The following Military Body Fat Calculator uses the same calculations I use to measure my body fat levels. I think you’ll find it an excellent tool for tracking your body fat percentage. Be sure to bookmark this page so you can quickly calculate your body fat % in the future.

Military Body Fat Calculator.xls

Military Body Fat Calculator


Body Fat %Body Fat %
Waist-to-Height RatioWaist-to-Height Ratio
Lean Body MassLean Body Mass
Military Body Fat Calculator

Using this Military Body Fat Calculator: Enter your measurements in the Height, Weight, Neck, Waist, and Hips fields above. Click into any field to update the calculated values of Body Fat %, Waist-to-Height Ratio and Lean Body Mass.

How To Take Your Measurements:

Height: Measured from top of the head to the floor.
Neck: Around largest part of neck (base of neck).
Waist: Around narrowest part of waist.
Hips: Around fullest part of hips.


Body Fat %: Calculated using the formula developed by the Naval Health Research Center.
Waist-to-Height Ratio: Height/Waist. Ratios above 0.5 are indicative of higher levels of intra-abdominal fat.
Lean Body Mass: Fat free body weight. LBM = Weight(1-(Body Fat %/100))

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I have a Digital Body Fat Scale that I bought a while back and it works well. I would say between the Military Body Fat Calculator and the Digital Fat Scale I find their accuracy very close to one another. I like the caliper method as well, but it’s not nearly as convenient as the other two, and most convenient being the Digital Fat Scale.

When it comes right down to it, the Bottom Line On Body Fat % is...



It’s you that has to live in your skin. If the mirror is telling you that you look good, then I say to hell with what some body fat scale, caliper or Military Body Fat Calculator is telling you.

However, if the mirrors says to you, "Hey, you know you'd look better and feel better by losing some jelly around the middle.", then maybe it's time to listen.

Get yourself a good cardio workout routine, start eating right, and soon you'll be looking a feeling like you're on top of the world.

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*If you have any questions about the Military Body Fat Calculator, please feel free to contact me and I'll be glad to answer your questions.

“The mirror never lies.”

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