A Back Workout Routine

That'll Give You Wings!

Well, you may or may not want real wings, but the back workout routine I’m going to share with you might make you feel like you do.

Having a strong, symmetrical back isn’t only nice to look at, but it’s literally the backbone of your body. Think of all the people you know with bad backs. I bet you know at least one, maybe more. You might even be one of them.

Having a strong back will go a long way to leading a healthy and injury free life. You know all those weekend sports and activities you like to do? The ones' that used to wreak havoc on your weak, under-developed back.


After using this back workout routine, the strength gained in your back will make a lot of that pain go away, possibly even all of it. Not only that, but your new back will look freakin awesome!

I know most people don’t give their backs the attention it deserves, because, well, its behind you. It's your back and it's not the first thing anyone looks at or even thinks about. People would rather concentrate on the show muscles, like arms and chest.

I say, don’t be like most people. Decide now to have a strong, healthy back. An amazing back. And start living your life, the way it was meant to be lived, free from back pain, with a strong back that can take anything you throw at it.

How to get great back development:

1. Size and strength.

Like any body part, the goal is to gain strength and also to put on a solid base of some quality muscle. If you don’t have much muscle in your back, its not gonna be that strong.

2. Symmetry.

Muscle symmetry is very important for back development. Overdevelop one side of your back or the other and you’re just asking for an injury. Not to mention how dumb you’ll look with a lopsided back.

3. Width

Having a wide back makes for the finishing touch to a strong, muscular and symmetrical back. A back that’s wide at the top and tapers down to a small waist is simply a thing of beauty. Don’t think about training for a wide back as an afterthought though, it needs to be integral in a great back workout routine.

When it comes to width, thickness and symmetry, you simply can’t get much better than Franco Columbo’s back. Check out Franco’s insane back in this YouTube video: Franco Columbo Posing

Back Anatomy 101


Now, let’s go get your wings!

Back Exercises:

The best back workout exercises:

1. Bent-over Row (Mid-back)
2. Low Pulley Row (Mid-back)
3. Front Chin-ups (Upper back and width)
4. Behind the Neck Chin-ups (Upper back and width)
5. Shrugs (Trapezius)
6. Deadlift (Whole back)
7. Hyperextension (Lower back)

*Main area of back developed in brackets.

The back contains a lot of muscles and therefore needs more exercises to properly develop them. All the exercises listed above aren’t necessary to develop a great back, but you do need enough of them in your back workout routine to get the right results. Those results being, size, strength, symmetry and width.

Exercise Execution:

1. Bent-over Row: Grasp a barbell about shoulder width or slightly wider apart. Bend over at your waist, with your head up, back straight and barbell extended down. Pull the barbell into your lower chest. Return to starting position. Repeat.


2. Low Pulley Row: Sit down in front of a low cable pulley. Grasp the V-pulley bar, lean back and pull the bar into your lower chest, pushing your chest out at the same time. Be sure to pull with your back, and use your arms as merely levers. Return to starting position. Repeat.


3. Front Chin-ups: Grasp an overhead chin-up bar about shoulder width or slightly wider apart. Pull yourself up until you can look over the chin-up bar. Lower yourself to the starting position completely. Repeat.

4. Behind the Neck Chin-ups: Similar to front chins, grasp an overhead chin-up bar about shoulder width or slightly wider apart. Pull yourself up until you feel the bar on the back of your neck. Lower yourself to the starting position completely. Repeat.


5. Shrugs: While standing, grasp a barbell about shoulder width or slightly wider apart. Shrug your shoulders as far up towards your ears as you can. Lower to the starting position.

  • Be sure you keep your upper back tight during this exercise. Allowing yourself to relax too much during the execution of this exercise can cause injury. Wear a lifting belt when performing this exercise.


    6. Deadlift: While standing, grasp a barbell about shoulder width or slightly wider apart. Squat down, allowing the barbell to travel straight down to the floor. Rise back up into the standing position, using all your back and leg strength. Repeat.

  • Be sure you keep your upper back tight during this exercise. Allowing yourself to relax too much during the execution of this exercise can cause injury. Wear a lifting belt when performing this exercise.


    7. Hyperextensions: Lay face down and perpendicular in a hyperextension bench. Place your hands beside your ears or behind your head. Raise your upper body up to parallel. Lower back down to the starting position. Repeat


    *Breath in as you lower the weight (the easiest part of the exercise), and breath out as you raise the weight (the hardest part of the exercise).

  • Always begin every workout by warming up and stretching.

    This is my actual back workout routine that I use all the time. It focuses first on width, then on size and strength.

    1. Front Chin-ups
    *If you can’t do chin-ups, then substitute with pulldowns until you can do chin-ups. If you workout at home, go get yourself a chin-up bar.

    2. Low Pulley Rows

    3. Shrugs

    4. Hyperextensions


    Use the following set and rep schedule for all the exercises in the back workout routine above, except hyperextensions. With hyperextensions, use Set 3 as your work set for 10-12 reps and don’t do Set 4.

    Set 1: Use approximately 60% of work set weight for 10-12 reps.
    Set 2: Use approximately 70% of work set weight for 6-8 reps.
    Set 3: Use approximately 85% of work set weight for 1-2 reps.
    Set 4: Work set weight for 4-6 reps.

  • Even though you can do more reps with Sets 1-3, don’t. They are meant to warm you up and get you ready for the work set. The work set is the set that matters and the only one you go to failure with.

  • Rest time between sets should be just enough time for your breath to almost return to normal. Approximately 1-2 minutes.

  • Work Set Weight: The weight used in an exercise where you do as many reps as you can until you can’t do any more. This is called going to failure. Once you can perform 6 reps or more, add more weight to overload the muscle in order to increase intensity and get stronger.

  • You can use this back workout routine by itself or add it as just one part of a full body workout routine.


  • One day on. Two to three days off. Repeat.


    Final Thoughts

    Do you want a strong, symmetrical and beautiful back?

    Do you want a lower back that’s near indestructible?

    Do you want to have people, say “oooh” and “ahhh” at the sight of your back?

    Then do this back workout routine and you’ll have what you want.

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    *If you have any questions about this back workout routine, please feel free to contact me and I'll be glad to answer your questions.

    “You really can fly with those wings.”

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