The Beach Body Workout:

6 Weeks To A Killer Body

This Beach Body Workout will literally transform your body in as little as 6 weeks. If you want to get lean, defined or toned, this workout is for you.

If you want to add some sexy muscle, with classic lines and awesome symmetry, this workout is for you.

Maybe you just want to turn every guys head on the beach this summer with one of the hottest beach bodies around, then this workout is definitely for you!

I can just see all the guys reading up to here and thinking this is a total “chick workout”. So before you start rolling your eyes and thinking this is one of those “girlie” beach body workouts, think again.

This beach body workout is every bit as good for a man as it is for a woman. It’s not gender specific. In fact, it’ll kick your ass, whether you be a man or a woman.


What This Beach Body Workout Will Do For You:

If you’re a woman, this Beach Body Workout will…

…transform you into a Greek GODDESS!

If you’re a man, this Beach Body Workout will…

…transform you into a Greek GOD!

We all know the beaches of the world could use a few more gods and goddesses on them and a few less beached whales. The question is, which one will you be?

The Beach Body Workout Routine:

DAY 1, DAY 3, DAY 5: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

The best cardio workout routine to burn fat, to sculpt your lower body and to increase your metabolism to burn even more fat, all day long.

Exercise Machine: Treadmill, Elliptical, Stair Climber or Exercise Bike

Exercise Machine Setting: Hill or Interval

1. Initially set up your machine on a moderate level.

2. During the lower intensity sections, lower your pace and to recover your breathing and heart rate.

3. During the higher intensity sections, increase your pace/speed/rpms. Work at maximum during this section.

4. Record your distance, calories and RPMs after each session. This will help to motivate you to push harder in your next workout session.

Time: 15 minutes

Notes: Always strive to increase your distance, calories and pace/speed/rpms between each workout. If you do that, you results will be nothing less than incredible. I’ve done this workout and it is hands down the most effective fat burning cardio you’ll ever do. It’s no walk in the park, but if you want that hot body, then there is no faster way to get it.
DAY 2, DAY 4: Tuesday, Thursday

To build lean, shapely, symmetrical and defined muscle, while increasing cardiovascular strength and really firing up your metabolism.

  • Begin this workout with a 5-10 minute warm-up, followed by light stretching.

  • For exercises requiring weights, use about 50% of your normal 10-12 rep weight.

  • Perform each exercise, one after the other in order.

  • Perform each exercise for 10-12 reps, moving immediately onto the next exercise without any rest.

  • Perform 1 complete circuit and repeat for a second circuit.

  • Rest 2 minutes between circuits.

    The Circuit:

    1. Lunges

    2. Pushups


    3. Single Leg Calf Raise

    4. Pulldowns or Chins

    5. Leg Curl or Stiff Leg Deadlift

    6. Incline Situps

    7. Side Laterals or Overhead Dumbbell Press

    8. Hyperextensions

    9. Tricep Pushdowns or Bench Dips

    10. Bent Laterals

    11. Dumbbell Curls

    12. Lying Leg Raise

    Notes: Go through each circuit as fast as you can. Use a stop watch or a clock to time each circuit. Every time you do this workout, try to beat your last workout time. Once you can do 2 circuits in 12 minutes or less, you can get an even more intense workout by doing one of the following:

    1. Adding more weight to the exercise that weight can be added to.

    2. Adding one more circuit to the workout.

    3. Adding 1 more rep to each exercise, up to a maximum of 15 reps.

    DAY 6: Saturday

    Head to the beach!

    DAY 7: Sunday

    Head to the beach!

    Final Thoughts

    How’s that for a Beach Body Workout? You’ll get in head turning shape with this workout. That is of course, as long as you’re not stuffing your face with ding-dongs and Big-Macs all day. But you're not gonna do that, because you know what to eat and you know all about proper nutrition, right? Just doing this Beach Body workout will have the body fat dropping off you like crazy.

    Use this Beach Body Workout, eat properly and in 6 weeks you’ll have that Super Sexy Beach Body you’ve always dreamed of.

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    *If you have any questions about this Beach Body Workout, please feel free to contact me and I'll be glad to answer your questions.

    “Perseverance has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.”

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