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Why are you looking for celebrity workout routines? Could be many reasons, but the biggest one that comes to mind is that you want to look like your favorite celebrity.

You want to know how they got a body like that and how you can get one too. Trust me, you’re not alone.

Is it plastic surgery?

Sometimes it is. Some celebrities don’t have the time to workout but they sure have the money, why not use a plastic surgeon? You might say the same thing in their position, that is, if you don’t mind the risks inherent with surgery. I know I’d prefer not to go under the knife if I didn’t have to. That’s just me. You might quite like somebody cutting chunks out of you. Me, not so much.

Other celebrities prefer to pay high profile personal trainers to stay in shape and get the body they want. That’s what we’re after, celebrity workout routines we can use, from high quality personal trainers, but without the huge expense.

Choose your celebrity workout:

Alyssa Milano WorkoutArnold Schwarzenegger Workout RoutineBrad Pitt Workout Routine
Britney Spears Workout RoutineBruce Lee Workout RoutineThe Champ - John Cena Workout Routine
Jessica Biel WorkoutMark Wahlberg Workout.
Roger Clemens Workout RoutineRonnie Coleman Workout - Yeah Buddy!Tiger Woods Workout
So Which Celebrity Has The Best Body?

What’s your opinion? Which celebrity has the best body around? I want to know your picks for which male and which female would win your BCB (Best Celebrity Body) Award!

My picks for the Best Celebrity Body are:

LL Cool J


The guy looks like a black Superman. What more can be said?

I guess a little more can be said. How about some vintage LL:

Youtube Video: Mama Said Knock You Out!

Alyssa Milano


Alyssa Milano is one of the hottest women on the planet!


Think you can top my picks?

LL Cool J? Alyssa Milano? Think you know any celebrity with more kick a$$ bodies than these two? I wanna see them!

Here are the rules:

1. No pro bodybuilder pictures, past or present. So yeah, you can't pick Arnold Schwarzeneggar.

2. If you submit a picture, it should be one taken in the last 3 years.

Have fun!

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For 64, this woman rocks one hell of a body! Workout Routines That Work

Cher Not rated yet
For 64, this woman rocks one hell of a body! Workout Routines That Work

Jessica Biel Not rated yet
Jessica is always in great shape. This pic is a movie still of her from Blade 3. Workout Routines That Work

Mark Wahlberg Not rated yet
The guy still has great guns. Wanna train like Mark, try the Mark Wahlberg workout in Celebrity Workouts. Workout Routines That Work

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