Chest Workout Routine:

How To Build Impressive Pecs

Do you know what a great chest workout routine looks like? Odds are that you don’t, but think you do. I know when I started training, I thought I did, but really didn’t know jack. I wasted literally years on training improperly. This led to an under-developed chest, lack of motivation to train chest and injuries to my shoulders. Lucky for you, I learned my lessons and can share with you everything that makes up a great chest workout routine.

Keys to great chest development:


1. Muscle size and strength.

If you want the best development, you need to build muscle, that’s obvious. The more muscle you put on the better, to a point of course. We want proper shape and symmetry, otherwise you just look dumb with a chest that doesn’t fit your body.

2. Chest cavity size.

It’s also very important to increase the size of your chest cavity.

This gives guys that barrel-chested look that makes your chest appear even larger than it is. Not only that, it gives your lungs more room in your chest to expand, therefore you can take in more air and physically perform better.

Much like a car that can get more air into it’s engine, the more air into you, the faster and stronger you will be. Having a bigger chest cavity isn’t just for guys either. Women benefit a great deal as well. Not only for physical performance enhancement, but it makes a womans chest larger without putting on any substantial muscle.

3. Proper training technique.

Finally, using the proper technique for the exercises in chest workout routine is of utmost importance. Not only for injury prevention, but also for getting the most development in the shortest amount of time without wasting your efforts.

These are the facts man:

Girls want a big, beautiful chest…

…and guys like their girls with big, beautiful chests.

Guys want a big, muscular chest…

…and girls like their guys with big, muscular chests.

If that’s what you want…

read on my friend, read on.
Chest Anatomy 101


Chest Exercises:

The best chest exercises:

1. Flat Bench Press
2. Incline Bench Press
3. Pullovers

Short list you say. Yep, very short list indeed. The truth of the matter is that these exercises will do more for your chest development than any others. Fast and efficient is my motto, and doing just these exercises with give you the size, shape and symmetry that you desire.

Side Note: Flat Bench Press and Incline Bench Press are just as effective with dumbbells and part of a dumbbell workout as they are with barbells. The great thing about using dumbbells is that you can do the exercises without a spotter, so there is also built in degree of safety using them. This also makes dumbbells a perfect choice if you plan to workout at home.

Exercise Execution:

1. Flat Bench Press: Lying flat on a bench, place your hands on the bar about shoulder width or slightly wider apart. Remove the bar from the bench. The bar should now be above your shoulders. Lower the weight to your sternum and then raise the weight back to inline with your shoulders. Repeat.


2. Incline Bench Press: Lying on a 30-40 degree incline bench, place your hands on the bar about shoulder width or slightly wider apart. Remove the bar from the bench. The bar should now be above your shoulders. Lower the weight to the top of your chest and then raise the weight straight back up inline with your shoulders. Repeat.


3. Breathing Pullovers: Lay with your upper back and shoulders across a flat bench. Using a light dumbbell, place both hands across each other inside the dumbbell and raise it above your chest with arms slightly bent. Lower the dumbbell behind your head until you feel a stretch. Immediately return the dumbbell to the position above your chest. Repeat


*Breathe in as you lower the weight (the easiest part of the exercise), and breath out as you raise the weight (the hardest part of the exercise). For pullovers, it’s important to use a light weight and concentrate on stretching out your rib cage and breathing in as much as possible.


*Always begin every workout by warming up and stretching.

1.a. Flat Bench Press
1.b. Incline Bench Press
1.c. Breathing Pullovers

*Pullovers are performed as a superset only after the final set of Incline Bench Presses.

Use the following set and rep schedule for Flat Bench. You only have to do the work set for Incline Bench since you're already warmed up.

Set 1: Use approximately 60% of work set weight for 10-12 reps.
Set 2: Use approximately 70% of work set weight for 6-8 reps.
Set 3: Use approximately 85% of work set weight for 1-2 reps.
Set 4: Work set weight for 4-6 reps.

  • Even though you can do more reps with Sets 1-3, don’t. They are meant to warm you up and get you ready for the work set. The work set is the set that matters and the only one you go to failure with.

  • Rest time between sets should be just enough time for your breath to almost return to normal. Approximately 1-2 minutes.

  • Work Set Weight: The weight used in an exercise where you do as many reps as you can until you can’t do any more. This is called going to failure. Once you can perform 6 reps or more, add more weight to overload the muscle in order to increase intensity and get stronger.

  • You can use this workout by itself or add it as just one part of a bodybuilding workout routine.


  • One day on. Two to three days off. Repeat.

    Final Thoughts

    This chest workout routine is sure to give you great size and strength and superior shape and symmetry. If your chest is small and caved in, this program will fix that very quickly.

    Soon enough, people will be asking you how the hell your chest got so big. You just look then straight in the eye and say, “Great genetics of course.”

    Or, maybe just tell them the truth, smart training and the simply the best chest workout routine ever, that’s all.

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    *If you have any questions about this chest workout routine, please feel free to contact me and I'll be glad to answer your questions.

    “A bigger chest is good....VERY good.”

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