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Intense workout routines! The name pretty much says it all in regards to workouts. If you want results, you need intensity, and if you want fast results, you have to use intense workout routines.


Essentially that’s what it comes down to. But like I said before, the old cliché about “No pain, no gain.” really is true. Working out at super high intensity will get you ripped. It will give you that awesome muscularity your after guys and it will give you girls that firm butt and flat stomach. I’m not talking years or even months, I’m talking weeks here!


The best thing is, you can fit intense workout routines into any schedule:

  • 10 Minute Workout Routine

  • 20 Minute Workout

  • 30 Minute Workout Routine

    ...and for the ultimate challenge and intensity, you have to try the...

  • Navy Seals Workout: Are you prepared to do battle with this ultra intense, battle ready workout?

    But hold on a sec, don’t start to think, “Yeah man, 2 weeks and I’m gonna be ripped!”, that’s crazy talk. But, if you work hard and give a circuit training workout routine a chance, and in 6 weeks you’ll literally be transformed into a super human! With a HUGE emphasis on working hard! The harder you work, the more like Superman or Superwoman you’ll become.
    What is Circuit Training?

    Definition: A form of training that takes you through a series of selected exercises, performed in a series or circuit one after the other, with or without brief rest intervals in between. Depending on the exercises chosen and the exact makeup of the workout plan, the emphasis can be muscular strength, muscular endurance, aerobic conditioning or a combination of the three.

    Circuit Training Workout Example:

    1.Ski jumps

    2.Pushups or press-ups

    3.Bench step-ups


    5.Squat thrusts


    7.Free squats

    8.Back extensions

    This is just one example of a circuit training workout. If you want another great circuit training workout, then you'll definitely want to try this dumbbell workout routine. Or how would you like to design and personalize your very own circuit training workout? Then you need to check out my...


    Design and print out your own intense workout routines and be working out in minutes. Try it out for yourself, I know you'll like it.

    Final Thoughts

    Any combination of exercises could be made to form a circuit training workout. The harder you work, the less time you have between exercises, the more intense. Hence, intense workout routines.

    This kind of training is tough. If you're willing to put in the effort and don't mind pain, then this is for you. Personally I love this kind of training. It's challenging, it keeps your mind interested, and you get awesome results fast. What more could you ask for?

    Intensity is good, but don't get as intense as this guy on Youtube: Dude headbutts weights and passes out!

    If you want a fitness training plan that lays out for you a complete, step by step, nutrition, supplement, workout and motivational plan, then you owe it to yourself to click the link below:

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    This is no cut and paste, slapped together fitness program. I created this exercise plan so that anyone could get insanely fit, incredibly fast. To finally get the body of your dreams, that’s what I’m talking about.

    *Got a question about Intense Workout Routines, please feel free to contact me and I'll be glad to answer your questions.

    “Intensity will separate the men from the boys, or the girls from the women as the case may be.”

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